Mike Verdeyen

Product Leader, Aptos

Product Leader

25 years in technology and software development, including International Business Systems, RedPrairie, McHugh Software, Software Architects Incorporated, and Digital Equipment Corporation.

About Mike:

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, enjoys running and cycling and is a father of two girls. He is also a passionate sports fan, maintaining his allegiance to Packer nation, even from the warmer climes of Atlanta, and still bleeds Orange and Blue for his Fighting Illini.

Mike on the Aptos Way:

“In software development, being authentic is really the only way to work. Unfortunately, years ago I ran out of the ‘magic pixie dust’ that, when sprinkled on a keyboard, makes software magically appear. I have since found that transparency and authenticity represent the most direct path to progress – you can’t fix what you can’t see and don’t acknowledge.

On the Pioneering Spirit: A pioneering spirit is the heart of a product organization – people who embrace the “impossible,” overcome barriers, and find new ways to solve problems and drive efficiencies are critical to a healthy organization and product offering.

On Engaging Customers Differently: Customer intimacy drives innovation and value in a product set. I strive to bring our development teams to a deep understanding of our customer’s challenges and problems. The better our understanding across the development team, the better solutions we build, and the better those solutions fit the problems they are attempting to solve.

My Sessions

Aptos Innovation and Product Update

Waterloo Suite

Aptos’ Strategy Leader, Ian Rawlins and Product Leader, Mike Verdeyen; discuss how the Aptos’ next generation, singular commerce platform is keeping pace with the shifting complexity of commerce, while offering differentiated experiences. they will also share key innovations the company and product is continuing to make to foster sustainable transformation for our customers.