Ian Rawlins

Strategy Leader, Aptos

Strategy Leader

25 years in retail technology, including Epicor Retail, SAP and Triversity.

About Ian:

Outside of work Ian loves the thrill of competition, whether that’s on the ice in a game of hockey, enjoying a spirited Monopoly game, racing to the bottom of a ski hill or playing in the annual Rawlins family Crokinole tournament on Christmas day.

Ian on the Aptos Way:

On the Pioneering Spirit: “As a serial entrepreneur participating in several start-up organizations, I believe instituting a culture of innovation is a primary key to success, no matter the size of the business or how successful the business has become. We live in a world that is constantly changing at an ever-increasing pace, requiring continual reflection and renewal. A true pioneer sees the opportunity in change and seizes that opportunity with a sense of urgency, creativity and passion. That is the spirit that I am working to see developed further within Aptos.”

On Engaging our Community with Transparency: “Our tagline ‘Engaging Customers Differently’ speaks to the idea that the traditional large vendor / retailer relationship in the retail technology space needs to change. I fundamentally believe the authenticity and transparency that often is a key characteristic of relationships between smaller startup companies and their customers doesn’t have to be abandoned as a company grows and matures into a large entity. I believe it is possible to be a large company that sustains intimate and collaborative relationships with customers that are framed by honesty, sincerity and mutual success. I’m excited to see how this is unfolding at Aptos and how Engaging Customers Differently is becoming an acknowledged reality of our culture.”

On Giving Back: “A key part of our culture is recognition that we are part of something beyond ourselves, that we have an obligation to find ways to contribute to our world that make a difference in people’s lives. Our participation in the retail industry’s Retail Orphan Initiative is a very tangible way that vendors like Aptos can do this. Figuring out how to best capitalize on our relationships within the industry to spearhead this aspect of our company is a key driver for me.”

My Sessions

Aptos Innovation and Product Update

Waterloo Suite

Aptos’ Strategy Leader, Ian Rawlins and Product Leader, Mike Verdeyen; discuss how the Aptos’ next generation, singular commerce platform is keeping pace with the shifting complexity of commerce, while offering differentiated experiences. they will also share key innovations the company and product is continuing to make to foster sustainable transformation for our customers.